12 Years a Single

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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I remember fondly when I wrote about dating and all of the amazing disasters associated. Then time passed and dating turned into dates. More time passed and dates turned into flings. Even more time passed and flings turned into random encounters stretched over even longer periods of time. Eventually it became more about social network cat photos than anything else.

I’m about to blow your mind. In October, while I was in the states escaping the joys of life sans electricity, I met a boy. Technically, a friend of a friend knew a boy and then coordinated with my friend to get us in the same place at the same time. We all know how straight people think every gay likes every other gay. In this case it actually turned out to be true. Oh, those crafty heterosexuals.

We met, had a few weeks of casual dates and innocent sleepovers before I returned to Puerto Rico. We keep all the sunshine down here and it’s too damn cold to stay in the states by November arrives with its wicked temperatures.

Then Mr. Baltimore blew my mind…he boarded a plane and came to visit me in Puerto Rico. Now, my bitter and jaded people can relate here, I assumed he was coming for the warm weather and lovely beaches. However, he seemed to be genuinely interested in me. It was the oddest of things.

Fast forward to January and we’ve been in constant contact and I had to travel back to the states for work. Guess where I ended up staying? Of course, with Mr. Baltimore. To shock you even more, we had one of those moments where he dropped hints of wanting to know what we were so I of simply asked. I’m not much for beating around the bush…this isn’t Central Park.

As simple as asking the question and receiving an answer we began dating. Or in high school terms, we’re going steady. We will be putting this to an immediate stress test as we are heading to Spain in three weeks. I’m hunting for apartments and practicing Spanish, while hopefully not hiding a body.

Let’s see if we remain the funny gay nerds or turn into crazy gay bitches. More to come…