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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Tonight I ventured out on a sort of date. It’s one of those where you met the person, but you don’t really know them and you’d like to see if there’s anything there. It’s also nice to get away from Grindr and do something with your pants up for a change.

I met my date at a local coffee shop, Java Girl. It was his recommendation and the place was roughly half way between our two apartments. On arrival I noticed the gate was down and the guy was standing in front of the building. You know how everything looks slightly different in the light of day away from the bar? I think we both felt that way, I know his face said and I’m sure mine did as well.

In New York, everyone is shallow, if they admit it or not. I more or less checked out as soon as the date began. Now I was noticing the receding hairline, the gay attire and attitude that weren’t obvious originally. We strolled to his next recommendation, which ended up being a tea shop. Okay, I drink coffee, lots and lots of Starbucks coffee. I’m all for local fruit and veggies, but I want my corporate coffee. The date starts telling me about all the teas they offer, which I interrupt as I don’t drink tea. Trying to be nice I offered to run next door and grab a Starbucks while he ordered a tea.

We ended up at the Starbucks where the conversation was like pulling nails. Admittedly I didn’t bring my a-game personality, but I didn’t feel bad once he mentioned he was moving to Atlanta. Not that I thought we were going anywhere, but why waste time going on a date if you’ll be vacating the state in a month? It does ensure we’ll never have an awkward encounter on the subway, so there is that to be thankful for.

The saving grace was when his phone rang and his safety net called to bail him out, he was really giving us a two-for-one save this time. We parted and as he said nice to meet you all I could muster was, “Sure.” I trotted the 18 blocks home, thinking to myself, I walked all the way down here for this? What a waste of time. Just another reminder, it’s easier being single.