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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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For a while I’ve been chatting on the Grindr with the Lawyer. Seemingly normal guy, glasses, tall.

We chatted a few months back and I had forgotten him when he messaged me out of the blue. The hurricane threw off plans to meet up as he lives in one of the areas enjoying no power. Lawyer ended up staying near my place on the East Side and suggested we grab a fast drink before dinner. He was eating literally across the street so I had no excuse to not walk downstairs.

The interesting twist with this guy is that he’s 32 and came out of the closet six months ago. Up to that point he was in an eleven year relationship with a woman, whose couch he’s currently a refugee on and the person he was having dinner with across the street. So as I walked into Elio’s, the ex girlfriend and her sister gave polite smiles and I contemplated running out the door. Lawyer headed me off at the entry and suggested we walk next door to Beet for a quick drink. This required me to pound his glass of wine so we could leave.

Next door was out of control as all the downtowners have invaded Uptown, as we have all of the electricity and food. You can’t blame them for coming, but I swear to gawd they clog the sidewalks and walk slower than Jesus climbing down from the cross. Anyway, we were having a drink when we were finally able to sit at the bar, and I couldn’t help but play 20-how-did-you-not-know-you-were-gay questions.

Not that Lawyer is a flammer, but he’s clearly gay, and to think that he spent 32 years as a straight guy intrigues me. I mean, did he sleep with his girlfriend, did he enjoy it, was there a lot of booty play, did she enjoy it? Endless questions! However, as he’s such a new gay he’s about to go through the phase where he wants to bang every two bit hooker he meets online or in a bar, everyone does.

I’m sure there will be more to report, but in the twenty minutes we spent together before he had to head back to dinner I was left with all of these questions and I must get the answers.

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