Adult Dating Part Two

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Endings are an important part of life. When it comes to dating in any sense I like a good ending. Be it someone telling me to rot and die or a teary-eyed explosion of angry emotions. With Late Night there was no ending, it just sort of evaporated into nothingness. So the ending that I have concocted in my head is this: Late Night is onto banging someone new and rather than say so decided to stop interacting. That, or he’s dead. I may be leaning more towards the latter.

On an up note, today I had a particularly good first date with a guy I’m going to call, Tats. He puts my three little tattoos to shame. Thinking how my first date with Late Night was also good, but things remained ever uncomfortable, it became clear what mistakes I had made early on. The first was trying to impress him and the second was not being my weird self. It then required me to keep hiding these features as who I was wasn’t really the person from that first date. With Tats I decided to go in the complete opposite direction – be my complete freaky self. Easy to do as I was sporting an awesome hangover, the Russian and I literally closed the bar last night.

We had a meal, talked, made fun of strangers and ended up sitting in Washington Square Park mocking the innocent bystanders. It was nice to meet another individual with a warped sense of humor who wasn’t afraid to use it as a weapon of mass comedic entertainment. It is also nice that I’m not left wondering how it went because we made plans for a second date at the end. The new policy for all future dates should be this, at the very end we either say, ‘This was a disaster and I need you to die,’ or we make plans. Effective, simple and leaves no room to panic, analyze or question.

I’m looking forward to Wednesday and to top it off we are going out in my hood, which I love because it means no sweaty train ride. However, there is one small catch, Tats doesn’t drink. I’m like a fish so is it bad form for me to drink in front of him or do I just wait until I go home and chug a forty? Time will tell.