Adult Dating

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Maybe it’s the city, or maybe it’s just life, but it has become the norm to not go on traditional dates. To be asked out on one was a bit confusing…what constitutes a date these days?

Late Night, which I will explain at a later date, picked me up in a cab – technically. We started off with fairly clever conversation and moved into a text message exchange over two days while setting a time to meet. We went to this awesome restaurant, Sofia Wine Bar. Even if the date ended at the beginning, I could have sat at the bar, flirting with the amazing bartender’s, or at least enjoying the misfit couples fading in and out of the place.

Late Night and I had a few drinks, got to know each other a little and called it a night. With a quick goodbye we headed in opposite directions. Now I’m annoyed with all the previous “dates” I’ve had in the last few years because none of them were real dates…excluding true blue hook-ups of course. Late Night was/is a seemingly decent guy and there’s a bit of a crush happening. That means my crazy ways are a ticking time bomb waiting to make an appearance and ruin anything that could potentially happen. I love being a optimist.

We are working on date number two – probably the first time in a decade I’ve been on actual adult dates.