Adult Holidays

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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When you are child-free there’s no reason to follow Christmas traditions. I mean, you can, if you like, it’s up to you. To me, living in a baby-free world, there is no need for a Christmas tree or any of the decorations that require you to put them up and take them down. Instead, I opt for a delightful wine buzz and some over the clothes fondling. That’s how the eve ended.

One of the trainers from the gym asked if I wanted to grab a drink several weeks back. At the time I was living in Isla Verde and the walk to the gym was a solid hour. Meaning, I was not walking that long or far for any guy, or drink. Today, I live a short ten minutes from the gym which means drinks are now a possibility. We met at a bar of my choosing, mainly because I couldn’t get him, the person who has lived here four years longer than I, to make a suggestion. We may be on an island where people are go with the flow, but if you aren’t going to offer up any options I will make all of the decisions for you. No one has time for endless text messages of, “Whatever you want…”

Anyway, drinks were particularly good. You know when you go on a date but you aren’t at all interested in the person and there are no nerves? This was one of those situations. Not to say this guy isn’t attractive, he is, but there was no initial spark when we met that made me think, hmmm, let’s get naked together. The conversation is what drew me in as we sat at the bar sipping on margaritas. It’s a holiday and the only tradition I do enjoy is the one where we all pretend it’s okay to eat and drink everything in sight. #FatKid

One drink turned into five, which turned into hanging out at my apartment, which turned into the above mentioned fondling. We made a stop on the way to the apartment as I knew I needed a drunk snack, and this guy buys pork rinds. Gross. Also, why not just eat a giant onion or something? You can’t kiss someone after they eat those nasty things. That’s why there was nothing more than light fondling, it was just too much.

Though I have to give him some credit, he went out to the club with friends after leaving my place. It was 3:00 am… You couldn’t get me out to anything at that time of night and I’m eight years younger than this guy.

As far as first Christmas eve shenanigans go, and keeping in the spirit of not being in the spirit, this holiday is a success. Now, to have a follow up date without the disgusting snacks.