Alcohol + Phone = Oy Vey!

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Most of us have made the mistake of telling people what we think after one too many drinks. You have a feeling of heightened enlightenment and as you pound away at the keyboard, nothing has ever been said so perfectly. The next day you wake up to angry responses and relive your many auto-correct mistakes, only to pretend it never happened.

I’m happy to say that the alcohol fueled disaster of the weekend occurred between two of my friends and not me! Being that I am so embarrassed for both parties, I’m not even using their nicknames in this post. Here we go…

After leaving the bar with Friend A, we parted ways and I grabbed a cab for home. As the cab rolled away I did note that Friend A was already on his phone, typing what I figured was a hook-up. An hour or so later I received a text from Friend B. “Friend A is saying some crazy stuff! LOL.” I didn’t think much of it, headed to bed and figured it was over and done.

Being that things in life are messy, when I met Friend B the next morning for brunch drinks, it was a bit of a shock when he pulled out his phone and told me to read. To summarize the messages from Friend A: You want to have a threesome, how big are you, send me a pic so I know what I’m getting into, you want me to bottom… The worst part is that Friend B didn’t start the messages, though Friend A sees it the other way around. Now there’s this weird cloud of uncomfortable knowledge. I think Friend B is going to stay away for a while and this may confirm that Friend A is a sociopath.

After reading the messages my face was literally on fire due to the embarrassment that one of my friends was saying this to any of my other friends. It’s fine to get a little drunk, but there are some boundaries that need to be respected. I suppose I could be angry and turn this into a big deal, but honestly I’m just a little repulsed. It’s fine if you want to sext, but stick to Grindr!