And Then it Was Over

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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I wonder if dating is a skill, as so many self-help books, blogs and shows would have us believe, or if some people just can. I’m thinking it’s the latter and I’m the type that just can’t.

You may recall in the last post I questioned if I or Banana was the villain in our semi-relationship-thing. I do believe I have the answer. We are the villain to each other. A twist!

It started innocently enough when I shared a story. I was joking and mentioned that I could never get away with murder because I like to gossip and would end up ratting on myself. Now, Banana immediately interjected to inform me I meant to say brag and not gossip. He is technically right as far as definition, but I meant gossip as that was the story I was trying to tell.

It’s a silly thing really. Just a word. But I was already annoyed with Banana, and we had previously talked about him trying to tell me what I can say. So, I told him very clearly to not tell me how to articulate myself, and that if he does feel the urge, keep it to himself. He told me to fuck off. I told him to fuck off. We then walked a mile, ate dinner in silence and enjoyed a fairly uncomfortable evening. He seems unable to take the shit he dishes.

A day went by and it was Friday night, the only night of the week I’m actually fun. You see, there is no work in sight and the actual work of the day has come to a conclusion. A friend was at a nearby bar, I invited Banana and we made our way to Old San Juan. Banana sat in silence and didn’t engage with others, even as they attempted to engage him. I had three cocktails.

As those cocktails worked their magic I was certain that I could not wait another day to end whatever this is. So, I suggested we leave and brought up everything you’ve just read. Banana informed me that I’m selfish and that he is desperately trying to get a flight out of here. Also, he’s trying to schedule a therapists appointment as he needs to talk to someone because I’m so “grim” that he just walks around in a depression. I told him he’s a drama queen.

I don’t disagree with any of his commentary towards me. I’m kind of a cunt. Which Banana fervently tells me each day. But I’m a fun cunt. Except when we are together. He doesn’t get my humor or listen to me. He shuts down every comment I make, even if it’s my story. So, I sit silently. What’s the point of talking to someone who has no interest in hearing?

I am definitely his villain. He is not so much mine. To me he is more of an obnoxious man-child. Born to a very wealthy family, he has never worked, lives off a trust fund and has no concept of reality. Example: He felt I wasn’t giving him attention during the week. That’s because I have this horrible thing called a job. You know, to earn money.

To top it off, I thought he was leaving in just one more day, but he is actually here for five more. Since he is staying with me, we get five more days of uncomfortable existence. Which will end with us never speaking again. I believe we will both take pleasure in that.