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Bad Behavior

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Lumpy Space PrincessEveryone has dating behavior. Girls flip their hair, wear push-up bras and paint their faces, while guys shave their backs and balls…or something like that. My dating behavior is more along the lines of trickery. While out on a first date and being asked about myself, I answer, but I answer in a way that ensures I feed you a particular version of who I want you to know. Generally, this is geared toward ensuring a good story comes from the encounter.

I tell you this as a lead into the actual story. A few weeks back I had a first date with Scruffy. No, he’s not a forty-something trucker, but with this nickname it could easily be true. While on this first date we chatted and I made my little jokes, but Scruffy actually seemed to get the jokes – and laughed. Anyone who gets my dirty humor is a keeper. I’d also gone into the date with the intent of not doing the usual game that always ends the same way. Badly.

Flash forward to last night, Scruffy and I were having a drink while we prepared to meet my friends. Yes, he met the friends. Which is even more rare than a good date. None of my current friends, aside from the Animator, have ever met someone I’ve been dating. I mean, they met Late Night, but we were never dating. Back to the point, while having said drink, Business walked up. He happened to be at the bar too.

Stepping aside he asked if this was the guy I was “sorta dating.” I said yes, to which Business inquired to the number of dates had. Five. This was the fifth date. “Who are you?!” Business asked jokingly. But I’m just as surprised. It’s rare I have an interest lasting past the first or second date. Also a reason I’ve been trying to move slowly. If we go at gay speed we’ll have a marriage and divorce by next week. No thanks. It may be that we’ve made it to date five because I’ve not followed my usual, and always exciting pattern of bad habits.

Let’s stay tuned and see how this plays out.