Bad Date

I’m a Bad Date

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Bad DateFirst dates can go a few different ways, all of which tend to make a person nervous and uneasy with anticipation leading up to the moment of that first drink. After a long delayed first date setup, Granola was meeting me for a drink at Pierre Loti near Union Square.

Granola is a little older, a little more handsome and a lot more into things which I have no interest: Burning Man for example. Arriving a few minutes early, I found a place at the bar where there was plenty of seating on either side of me and ordered a drink. As the glass of wine was placed on the bar – in walked Granola.

As mentioned, he’s a handsome guy, but as he sat down with a blank expression on his face I felt at an immediate loss for words. Not starstruck or speechless, but literally, I had nothing I wanted to talk about with this man. Our date lasted exactly eighty-four minutes and one round of drinks. As the bartender offered another round, I polished off the drink, declined and tried to rush Granola.

He on the other hand was acting like a proper first date goer. Asking questions, trying to get to know something about me and being a nice guy. He received in return one word answers, no real jokes or stories and a blank stare in return. At one point, as he looked to me for a lead on something to discuss I bluntly admitted, “There’s nothing I want to talk about.” It was true, I couldn’t get my verbal boner up for this guy.

He finally gave in and we exited the bar, having to walk all the way to the subway together as he was heading to Brooklyn and our trains departed from the same station. And in the final moment of our date when there is supposed to be the cute goodbye, my train was pulling into the station, I gave a quick and jolted hug before racing down the stairs and through the doors of the train. And with a bing-bong we raced Uptown and away from what I would classify as my worst first date performance.