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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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When a first date is on the way, there is that feeling of fluttery anticipation. That’s the before part. The part when you don’t really know the other person, and you’re feelings are all on the hope side of the scale.
After reading the rest of the posts on here you probably assume that I’m unable to get my emotional hard-on going. Fear not! It just so happens that I am not completely devoid of human emotion. Recently I was talking with my friend B. Brown about meeting people online. She asked my opinion on hanging out with someone from the Internet. I was a little on the fence in giving my initial response. On one hand you aren’t sure if they’re going to be nuts, and then they might turn out to be more normal than the people we usually date. We’re two peas in a pod when it comes to dating toxic guys.
Conveniently a guy sent me an email on Facebook, which I initially thought nothing of. Random strangers send me messages on Facebook all the time; it’s just how the site works. We chatted it up for a bit and then I noticed I was being drawn in by his sense of humor. That was a red flag. Turning back a few months, what was the thing I said drew me to The Devil? HUMOR! I was eager to throw in the towel, finally deciding I should have a proper date with The Animator before dumping him.
We spent roughly a week texting, all very innocent and comical. Then came the night that we were going to meet. It was arranged that we would meet at Starbucks (of course) after I got off work. He was 10 minutes late, I was 20. As I walked across the street, I could see The Animator standing outside the coffee shop. A slight case of panic set in, making my heart jump and my palms sweat.
Hands down, the best date I’ve gone on in the past year, including the last two relationships I was involved in. I say involved in because I feel now like I was more of a character in them than an actual participant. Coffee turned into a movie; sadly the movie we were intending to see was sold out. The Animator and I decided to buy a movie and head back to my place. I must admit I had the intentions of molesting him upon arrival and then there was the part of me that just wanted to see my apartment. I hadn’t been home for the past four days (working in Baltimore).
We watched two movies and I was burnt out. I was falling asleep before we even crawled into my bed. There was no hanky-panky, don’t get the wrong idea. We did cuddle, which I usually find to be an annoying turn off. Somehow, it was nice, almost comfortable. I’m not sure if there’s anything between us, maybe it was just a coincidence. I’m not ready to count this boy out of the game, but I’m not putting all of my eggs in his basket considering most of them are still cracked. Stay tuned.