Bigger Than it Looks

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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CN TowerThe End: Well, the final day of our trip that is. This was sort of the perfect trip; short, sweet and filled with whatever the hell we wanted at the moment. No set plans, no forced attractions, just fun. And it was so desperately needed because work has had me on edge to the point that I want to put a fist through the computer monitor, but that would only slow my productivity.

We checked out of our cute little hotel, grabbed Starbucks (even more expensive in Canada, if you can imagine) and headed for the train. This was it, we were going to have a tourist moment and visit the CN Tower. Business and I did just that. I was concerned they would be unwilling to let me bring my suitcase in as we do live in a world where bombs can fit anywhere and everyone is a potential terrorist. But the hot and oddly polite security guy opened it and asked what was inside. Just shoes, clothing and oh, um a sex toy I bought for my mom. Did I mention that on night one we hit a porn store as I feel I need to send my mom shocking presents because she lives in bland Utah. It looks like brass knuckles with a butt plug or a pointy dildo on the end, it’s amazing. It’s never going to be used, but put that on your coffee table and you have a conversation starter. I also enjoyed answering every bouncer that asked what was in the bag with, “A dildo for my mom,” to which Business would add, “He’s serious.”

Up we went, shit the tower is high. Looking down gave me a case of the nerves, I hate heights, but wow, the view was amazing and it’s officially the highest point I’ve physically reached to date (levels of ego don’t count). This concluded the trip, a few more beers at lunch and the airport and now life must return to normal. Or whatever it is my friends and I do…we are so far from being normal.