Bitch Face

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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PuG Bitch FaceUrban Dictionary Defines Bitch Face: Any person whose face makes them seem like they’re a bitch.

In a recent chat with the Russian he asked why I made bitch face at the stranger from the gym. My answer, “Reflex.” Though this is a facial reflex it’s not really doing me any favors. So today I tried something a little different.

Ending up at the gym about two hours later than normal today I was surprise to see the guy, perhaps other people aren’t as habitual about an exact time they like to workout. We played the same game, he smiled each time he caught my eye, but this time instead of looking away or glaring back, I gave a slight smile. Sounds simple, but it takes intense thought to not auto throw bitch face at strangers. At the end of my workout gym guy happened to be near the exit as I passed. Typically this means nothing, I walk by without acknowledging and get back to work. Taking what I think would be the Russian’s advice, I stopped, said hello and talked to him for a moment.

Stepping back a bit, let me share something about the Russian. We go out with regular frequency and one thing I notice and even admire is his ability to walk up to someone and start a conversation. Confidence is impressive and it does take a certain amount to approach a stranger, especially in the city where you are likely to be rejected because the person is in fact a bitch.

This is unusual behavior for me, at least the engaging with strangers part. I look at it as a way to stir up a new storyline at the very least, knowing I have a new book to complete, and who knows maybe a decent date will come out of the whole bit. [Optimism makes me shudder.]