Rent (minus) Control

Rent (minus) Control
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Warning: The stories you’re about to read are embarrassing and hilarious. Unfortunately they are based on real people and real situations.


An episodic adventure of life in the confines of “the city.” The reality of renting, dating and mingling with eight million others takes place in Rent (minus) Control. This narrative follows our main character to Brooklyn and back in search of a new beginning after learning that things aren’t always as perfect as they appear and that sometimes you need to let life take control.

Recent Reviews:

5 Stars – G.I. Pedroza

I couldn’t put this book down, read it in two days. Felt like I could relate to certain situations. Great book! Highly recommended.

5 Stars – Lacee Klemm

I read and reread almost every chapter in this book! You really build a connection with the characters R.B. Winters uses. The main character, Ryan, is dynamic and relatable. Every character in his book supports their role and his perfectly. I found myself so into the book I was feeling the feelings the main character was portraying during different chapters of the book. It gives you a real inside perspective of what it’s like living in NYC. It’s a must read! I know I will be reading it again soon.

5 Stars – Utah Momma Whit

This book was so fun and entertaining! I couldn’t put it down! I had to know how things play out for the character. It’s so easy to fall in love with Ryan and hope fore the best for him.