Booty Soup

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Can we talk about something a little gross and a slight embarrassing? Bottoming is the topic of the day. More specifically, preparations for such activities. There are tons of articles devoted to discussing tops and bottoms and even the occasional recommendation on prepping. That’s my real question – what is the best way to prep? No virgin and not new to the rodeo, it seems like there is no fool-proof way to prepare for penetration that doesn’t involve starvation. Blogs will tell you to douche it out, which you certainly can…but that means you’re shooting a load of water or some other liquid inside yourself. This results in liquifying whatever is up there and it doesn’t necessarily all come right back out of you. This is a recipe for booty soup at any point during the evening.
How are you power bottoms able to take a
repeat beating…
There’s also the theory you shouldn’t eat anything within a few hours of doing the deed. Okay, well, the body doesn’t always stick to a schedule and just because nothing went in the mouth today, doesn’t mean there won’t be something wanting to come out tonight.

I bring up this less than popular topic because, as a bottom, it’s one of those things worth fixating on. Leaving a Hershey Kiss on someone is not an option, and personally if I feel there’s even the possibility of such happening, one of a million excuses will be used.

So I put this out to the world: How? How are you power bottoms able to take a repeat beating, night after night, with shafts of all sizes and not need to stick a plug in there on the daily while still keeping things daisy fresh? Ok, go…