Britney Told Me To…

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Mother's RuinBritney’s new song should have dropped a day or two ago, it was the unknown anthem of the weekend. In celebrating my birthday, which is still a few days away, the theme has been drink, dance and repeat. Take a second to hear the leaked single.

Friday started off fairly tame, the Russian and I were drinking at Mar’s in Queens. They have an awesome happy hour, if you can follow directions, unlike me, it’s well worth the trip. The night may have moved forward in a relaxed fashion, but a surprise text message from the Animator and we were on a train to Phoenix Bar. We bar hopped a bit and the Animator, with boyfriend in tow, held on for an hour or two. I’m not sure if the boyfriend doesn’t like us or is just not a social guy. He’s nice, don’t misunderstand, but when the Russian said, “It seems you don’t want to be here,” the boyfriend confirmed and said neither did the Animator. I find this odd considering the Animator was the one that reached out to have drinks. Oh, well.

Departing, the Russian and I continued our bar hopping journey. I’m realizing that left to our own devices we are terrible fun influences on one another. We ended up out dancing until the bar was about to close. It was more or less amazing. The only downside was that Larrymore wasn’t around to play because he was on boyfriend duty.

My official birthday party was planned for Saturday at 1 p.m. I was coming out of my drunken coma at the exact moment I needed to be boarding the train. Foxxy Business sent a text letting me know he was almost there, panicking I tossed on clothes and ran out the door. Mother’s Ruin is an amazing bar I’ve mentioned before with a bartender that you need to see – wow. After an hour I get a call from Larrymore, turns out while testing new iPhone features the night prior I accidentally blocked the Russian from contacting me. He was suffering from the same hangover I was and they were delayed but in route.

Moving things along a few hours, we stopped for hotdogs and then hit my friend Roland’s apartment for drinks and to feel bad that he has such an amazing apartment in comparison…well, in comparison to me. I think he was pissed my friends smoked on the balcony and a waft of smoke made it inside, we left and hit the bars. The three of us ended up drinking and dancing until almost 3:00 a.m. at which point I was thoroughly spent. But we played my new favorite game as we searched for cabs – gay confessions. I learned about friends hooking up, a person that’s a watery shooter and that I have no secrets. I’ve made everything accessible so there were no great things for me to share, but still an amazing game everyone should get drunk and play. It’s a fun bonding game.

This birthday, which has now been celebrated for about 10 days, has to be one of the most energetic, exciting, expensive and entertaining birthdays since I turned 21. The best part is that the Irish side of my liver is far stronger than i was at 21. I do have one more day of celebration, on my official birthday, but that’s planned as dinner and will likely be far more civilized than the thumping music and slippery dance floors, but we’ll see.