Bye, U.S. | ¡Hola, España! Part 1

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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I like to think I’m routine and predictable. This seems to be a lie the more I think it to be true. Case and point, I have once again upended my life. Because…why not?

Last Monday, I put my notice in at work. Last Friday, I purchased a five week Spanish language immersion course in Spain. Last Sunday, I booked my flights and AirB&B. I’ll be leaving in eight days for five weeks in Alicante, Spain. Followed by a week of vacation in Barcelona. This is an awesome little language adventure materializing out of thin forced air.

It’s also a bit terrifying. This will be the first time in eighteen years I have not had full-time employment. Think about that for a moment. Nearly two decades with a steady income, and now I’m going to rely on the income generated from my condo in Puerto Rico to survive. Hello risk, my name is crazy.

The nerves are creeping up a bit, as today is my final day with the analytics company in Seattle. We are parting on what I believe to be good terms. Like any relationship, if it doesn’t work for both parties, it’s not worth investing the time. It also isn’t worth letting a company take a toll on you if it’s not something you enjoy. It’s bittersweet to admit, because I was truly excited when I received the job offer last year. Over nine months the excitement was replaced by irritation and lack of interest. So much so, that it is no longer a viable path forward.

This would be a great time to use a cliche saying like, the future isn’t set in stone, make your own future, blah blah. Who knows what the future holds. Jumping off cliffs into the unknown has been fairly effective over the last fifteen years. Why not take this jump and get a step closer to living in Spain? That’s my end goal for 2020-2021. This is a chance to spend some time getting familiar with new cities before committing.

Deep breath. Here we go!