Bye, U.S. | ¡Hola, España! Part 2

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Oh airports and their fun delays. My travel to Spain began at BWI, with a flight bound for JFK at 2:10 pm. I, true to form, was at the airport well earlier than two hours prior to departure. Around 1:00 pm the Delta app notified me the flight was delayed three hours due to high winds. The problem with the delay is that it would mean missing my JFK connection to AMS. Rather than try and fight for the attention of the overwhelmed gate agent, I jumped on the phone.

Customer Service was as speedy as was possible, booked me for a slightly later flights and all was well. I retired to the Priority Lounge for a cocktail. Then came another notification via the Delta app. CANCELLED. The most terrifying word one can see when there are no other flights going to the airport desired.

After a second, much longer call, I was booked on new flights and all was good and I made to retire back to the lounge. Then, I checked my app. The flights listed were not those discussed on the phone, and happened to be an entire day later. Another, more panicked call, to customer service, and we booked me on a new set of flights, routing through Atlanta. Adding hours onto the itinerary, but fortunately adding more miles towards the next status level.

Jump forward twenty-two hours and I was in Alicante, Spain. My good luck continued as all the bags came rolling out onto the rotating belt, one by one collected and eventually none were left. Not even mine. Being incredibly tired I located an agent and much to my relief, my bag was in the airport, but had been segregated due to the country of origin.

At this moment, I was so happy to have made the decision to schedule a car in advance. It made life so much easier getting from the airport to the AirB&B. Even better, the host was prompt and onsite. Thank, Jesus! I needed to crash. Once in the apartment, I had NYC whiplash. The space is so similar to a railroad apartment I shared in Brooklyn. The long hallway, the tiny rooms, the extraordinarily small kitchen and bathroom, and the paint. There are at least five different colors used in the apartment. Blue, red, purple, green and yellow. It’s like living in a circus space, or an aging rainbow.

Things are just getting started, but I do like this tiny little seaside city after the first few days. More to come as I actually have some experiences.