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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Circle JerksAs far as anyone knows time moves in straight line. Dating, at least in this case, appears to move in a circular fashion.

A big fan of the first date, it’s always hit or miss if there’s going to be a second or third date. For the few gentlemen who have lasted for some stretch of time, or have engaged with me in some manner over the last eight years, they end up filed away in the subconscious and are rarely thought of.

That was until the beginning of April rolled around and life began playing out a repeat. Mr. Kitty, whom I never dated, but we hung out a bit a few years ago reached out. It wasn’t an unwelcome connection as he’s a good guy and even at the very least he makes for interesting conversation. His intent was to grab a drink on this particular day, but real life was already in motion and it happened to be the day of my latest tattoo appointment. A slight delay, which eventually gave way to a glass of wine and a catch up conversation.

It was nice to have a first date, non first date. Since we already know one another to a certain degree it allows skipping the usual first date questions: Where are you from? How long have you lived in the city? Where in the city do you live? You know, the generic banter that we all go through. Overall, a nice time which then turned into a brunch and an upcoming date.

I’d leave it at coincidence, Mr. Kitty reaching out after so much time, but then a second person, whom I’ve been out of contact with for five or so years sent a message. And a third guy, Lobster, whom I first met eight years ago in Jersey, then had a second date with three or so years ago on the Upper East Side. That date ended with him storming out and sticking me with the check when I mentioned there would be no sex at the end of the night. When Lobster sent a text last week I was right in the middle of telling Larrymore about Mr. Kitty. This was the moment it became clear dating is circular…that, or I’ve dated everyone in NYC at least once. That can’t be the case…yet.

I don’t yet have a fully formed opinion or point to these musing, I’m interested to see how this Mr. Kitty situation plays out. It may be nothing more than occasional friendly cocktails and witty banter, both of which are perfectly acceptable. Or, is this the beginning of a year filled with people from the past traipsing into the world once more to make a cameo? Stay tuned.