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R.B. Winters
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Father’s Day is a holiday I’ve always given the typical attention. Talk to my dad, wish him a good day, go about my business. This year is a tad different. I’m older. Obviously. This year however, strangers have been wishing me a happy Father’s Day. WHAT?!

I’m well beyond old enough to have a child. If I had followed in my father’s exact footsteps, at this age I would have a six-year-old. I’d have a tiny person who was either completing, or preparing to begin, Kindergarten. This seems a little surprising, as I consider myself nowhere near the point in life where I should be, or am, capable of taking care of another life which is fully dependent upon me.

I have several friends on the parent path, and they’re all doing great and seem to be genuinely happy. Which probably means there are parent people and non-parent people. I’m glad my friend’s are enjoying parenthood, but I don’t think that’s ever a path I would be willing to take.

Instead of being a parent, I’ve decided to do all those things that you either wait to do until retirement, or do on your parent’s dime in college. I took five weeks to explore Spain and study Spanish at the beginning of the summer. It was amazing, and I’m heading back to Spain for another six weeks beginning in July. Side note – this has been a great way to discover a ton of different cities. How else will I find the one I want to live in one day?

It still boggles my mind a bit that strangers in the grocery store think I might be a father. Maybe it’s a compliment, or a nicety, but please keep the sentiment to yourself. A ‘have a nice day’ is more than sufficient for this non-baby daddy.