Date With The Devil

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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To begin I should sum up how things officially ended with douche-bag Dollar. After dumping me and telling me that he can’t talk to people after a break-up, he invited me to coffee. Long story short, he spent the entire thirty-five minutes telling me what a negative person he thought I was. I was floored to find this ultra-negative person telling me that I was too bitter and negative for his high class-wine from a box drinking-self. I’m a Bitter Ben, even a Negative Nancy, but give me a break.
Faced with the prospect of dating my hand, I decided to look around online and see what was available. Once upon a time, in a past life, I actually managed what was a semi-successful relationship with someone I met online. Obviously that ended, but a year is a personal best. I ran across a guy and we chatted a bit before deciding to hang out. When you meet someone from the internet you have to wonder what you’re getting yourself into. Will they look like their picture? Have they gained 50 pounds since they took the picture? Are they going to chop you up and stick you in a trash can? I live in New York, it could happen.
You must be wondering why I named him The Devil? Across his back there is a tattoo: Lucifer. I find it humorous that I have a black cross on my back. A little mix of good and evil? I would have thought myself to be the evil one, but role-playing is fun. Again, you are probably curious as to how I’ve already seen this tattoo. I won’t lie. I put out on the first date, no alcohol needed. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as sad and desperate sounding as it was playing back in my head.
The Devil looks like an all around bad boy. The tattoos, the nipple piercing and the kinky side, to my surprise when it comes to relationship stuff he seems to be for it. Most gay men are more interested in pinning you down, getting their jollies and heading home (or sending you home). I don’t want to make any snap judgments about where this is going because the minute I do it will begin to crumble. I come to this conclusion based on recent dating adventures such as the Dollar ride I was on and my crash on Wall Street.
For the time being I’m going to do it the hetro way and just go with the flow. As in the hetro-male way, I know the ladies are just like me when it comes to being all up in your head. I won’t hold my breath but I’ve got my fingers crossed as I head back out for another date with The Devil.