Friday Night A.K.A. Pre-Hangover…

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Lily AllenHalf the time I spend out and about playing with friends I’m fishing for good stories to share. Now and then the story falls into my lap, and even more rare it happens multiple times during the weekend.

Friday kicked things off with a secret Lily Allen concert I’d won tickets to attend. Very exciting as I never win anything and this is the best prize one could hope for. Lily Allen is sort of amazing. The Russian and I showed up as the doors opened, getting in line for a drink only to discover the bar was cash only. A tragic discovery that sent us looking for an ATM. Walking down seven flights of stairs I made a joke about the ATM being out of order. In a cosmic twist it actually was dead. The Russian had enough money on hand to buy one beer which we split, turning out to be a good things as you were not allowed to drink anywhere near the stage. #Boo.

As our evening progressed and we became drenched from the vicious storm that rolled in, we met up with the Animator. This was a joyous moment, just like in the book [Shameless plug…Order RmC Book 2!], he’s been long gone for too much time. We ended up at my house for a drink before heading to Evolve. Having tried to go to this bar once before it didn’t work out and I’ve yet to go inside. So this time when we arrived and the bouncer informed us it was a trans party I asked what exactly that meant. In his words, “A party for transgender people and their admirers.” This is the only nearby gay bar, we were going in no matter what. I was unaware how many men have a thing for transgender people. As I waited for the ATM, which worked, to give me cash a transgender guy or girl, I’m vague on the genital details, walked by and with force grabbed a handful of everything I’ve got. I let it happen because really what can you do in this situation.

Pokemon GuysLet’s jump ahead to Saturday night. After my trans-grab I figured all was well and the weekend would mellow. Wrong. At Boiler Room I was waiting in line for the restroom when a guy walks up and begins stroking the back of my head. Not really wanting strangers to touch me in general, I tried to move away from the tall drunk. He had about a foot of height and two hundred pounds on me, if he were to fall I would surely break something. Then he leans in and I kid not, asks, “Do you need someone to fuck your hole?”

I almost always have a comeback for everything but he had me. Before I could think up something he began questioning, “Do you have a smooth hole or..” That was enough for me, I was going into the restroom even if the toilets were all occupied. What the hell was going on with people this weekend?!

But it did escalate as my favorite, always happy, Boiler Room bartender freaked the fuck out on some guy. Screaming at the top of his lungs he threw the guy out, shoving him all the way across the bar. Who knows what it was about, but it made for entertainment. Well, that and then the six Asian guys that came in right after dressed as Pokemon.

I may actually be ready for Monday, this weekend has been nothing short of work.