Friend Hunt

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It takes twenty-eight days to form or break a habit. The same concept can be applied to making or removing a friend. Now that Shew and I have surpassed this point, there’s an unbalanced circle of friends. The termination of our friendship was made permanent last week when we ran into each other for the first time in weeks. Shew asked if we were good, I confirmed, “No.” He then asked if I was angry, again I confirmed, “No.” Finally, he asked what all this meant. I confirmed, “I prefer to not interact.”

Alas, I have been hunting for a new person to fill the void. The importance of finding an additional friend is two fold. First of all, most of my friends have moved to Astoria, which is fine except for the fact that it’s painful to just hangout on the fly. Second, when I hang out with my friends, such as this past Friday, and they bring along a friend we end up in a third wheel situation.

Florida, is the main candidate up for a friend role. We’ve been chatting for a while and hanging out a bit, but last night was the test of ‘how do you function in a bar‘. When Business and I go out playing judgement is our sport. If we’re at Therapy we look down over the stairs and laugh at the crazy people that walk up, and fall down, the staircase. Anyone who is too nice will either be offended or get high and mighty when it comes to playing judgement. Florida was a little passive in comparison to me when playing, but he was able to hold his own.

So far the thing not working in Florida’s favor is he isn’t a big drinker. I like to think that my Irish blood allows me to drink until that warm sensation feels you up but isn’t running down your leg. It’s almost like the sensation people feel when they love someone. He had one beer to my three and looked like he was getting a buzz, this could potentially lead to alcohol poisoning if he were out with myself, the Animator and Business. We can’t have that.

Another point in Florida’s favor is that he has a boyfriend. However, the boyfriend lives in DC and they have the open relationship thing. By mistake I found out just how open when we were back at my apartment and clothing started falling off. If this encounter had been part of a movie, it would have only been shown on the spoof reel. Talk about the clumsiest sex of your life.

Florida is originally from Venezuela so his junk is a tad larger that a normal human beings. So when he wanted to be mister top, that was definitely not happening. I wasn’t that drunk, and I’m not that flexible. The terror generated just from me thinking about him attempting to get that thing near me was enough to deflate and send me running. Being that it was four in the morning, it was best to just finish him off. Like a gift from Gawd, when a guy is done he passes out – has to be by design.

This morning when I sent him home and returned from grabbing coffee I realized my apartment smelled something like a Mexican brothel. The coconut scented/flavored lubricant and the lingering disappointment couldn’t escape out the window fast enough. However, this passes another hurdle because there will be no sexual tension as I’ve already seen everything Florida’s got.

Will he end up an actual friend, who knows. I would be interested to subject Florida to Business and the Animator to get their thoughts on the matter. Until then I’ll keep hunting.