R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Control is a great thing to have. The only down side is that most of the time you are at a lack of control and desperately trying to get a handle on it.

Having been away from home for the better part of a month, there are a few things that I wanted to return to. My friends, it just isn’t the same drinking without them. My city, there’s really no substitute for it. Last of all, my apartment. We are all aware from previous posts that my roomie and I have been on the outs for a bit. I haven’t said much about it… because there’s been nothing to tell.

I made a pre-trip home for a few days before my actual return. My roomie’s mom had happened to drop into town and I was more than happy to see her. I’ve liked her ever since the first time I met her and she brought me a 2-liter of Pepsi for no reason. That’s friggin’ adorable! So, she came to visit for a few days and see my roomie. I probably only spent a total of thirty minutes talking to her in the two times I was home during this visits. She made mention while my roomie was in the shower that she thought we’d be better off once we were living apart. Probably true, but I’m not sure of what’s to come for our former friendship.

When my official return came, I was supposed to show our apartment to some people my roomie had found. We’re trying to find a new tenant so we can get out a month sooner! The people flaked and I ended up going home to switch out my clothes. I was warned that there were dishes in the sink. I was not warned about the overflowing dishes in the sink, or the mass of trash and recycling that needed to go out. This was just bad timing. What’s the last thing you want to deal with on a bad day? A disaster that isn’t yours. I ignored the mess and left, having decided months ago that I would no longer play mom for my roomie. The funny thing is that she has been much cleaner than before, but apparently my absence allowed the mess back in.

Now, when I went home today the dishes were done. However, the trash had doubled, including new pizza boxes and more recycling. Leftover food was smeared on the table and whatever was on the floor had been tracked through my bedroom. Frustration from work had me on edge, I couldn’t calm down and work when the apartment looked like it had thrown-up on itself. I cleaned my room, the living room, and then the kitchen. I hate cleaning up after other people when I had no part in making the mess. There should be a special article in all rent agreements that reduces the rent for maid services. How much could I have made an hour cleaning today? The sad part is even though things look better, the place still looks dirty.

I only have to stick it out for one more month. One more month and I’ll be in my new apartment all ALONE!