Goin’ Green

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, right up there with Halloween. Business and Sal came to my place for a quick pre-game before heading off to the bar.

We stayed in my hood, which was unusual and sort of amazing because it was my saving grace a few hours later. Beginning at the bar my mother and I have named “old Lady Rose’s” bar, in tribute to the 80-something woman that is a fixture there on weekdays. The time of day meant we were still able to have happy hour and play the jukebox!

Things spiced up a bit when we went to the next bar and the rest of Business’ LI crew showed up for drinks. At this point I was feeling great, and had taken a Neurontin under the recommendation of Ray Ray. What I didn’t truly know was that you aren’t supposed to drink with this particular pill. One drink later I felt the head spin. Knowing that I needed to vomit I decided to make the one block stumble to my apartment to do so in private.

By the time I reached my apartment I was ready to die. The goal was to return to the party, but there was no way that could happen. I made myself a sandwich, at the time it seemed a good idea. Moments later when it was landing in the toilet it suddenly seemed like less of a stellar idea. Passing out in the toilet, I was discovered by Shew, and I’m not entirely sure how he got into the building or my apartment. But it’s a good thing he did because I was sitting on my hand. When he woke me up and said, “You’re hand is blue.” I responded with, “You’re blue.”

The rest of the night was pretty much awful as I was in and out of sleep and fighting off an Irish hangover. What I did finally wake up with today was a sore arm, apparently if you cutoff circulation long enough, it hurts. Who knew.

Happy Post St. Patrick’s Day!