Grow Up or Move On

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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In the last few weeks I’ve been reprimanded by more than one friend for my typical behavior. Which generally comes in the form of a strong desire to go out and have too fun, or running my mouth, either/both seem to be pissing everyone off. Odd, those are the same things which previously drew people to me.

It came to a head last night as I went on an angry rant to a friend who is always available for emotional dumping and cutting. B1 is one of those people you can rely on to listen but give you real advice, not just the words you want tossed back. She is also a great resource to direct texts to when you’re intoxicated, it helps avoid sending them to certain people and making your crazy even more public.

B1 made a valid point about my time in Puerto Rico; I put life on pause and everyone else was not provided the same luxury. Though only six months went by, everything in our little metropolis changed and went on without me.

The point is valid and true. This doesn’t make it pleasant. It is however making the decision to leave for a full year a little easier. If everything is different here at this point in time, and with the way things are going, I’ll be forced to venture out and find people with similar interests. Meaning, I need to find additional people who are single and have the time to go out for silly antics. If I must do it anyway, what’s the difference in doing so now, or waiting another year to deal with the situation?

Change, that demon whore, rearing it’s ugly head once again. Now, I’m curious to see in twelve months when I write what will be the reply to this post, how many people will have vanished from my life entirely, and how many will remain as a shadow of our former lives. Time will tell…and so will B1.