Guns ‘n Gays

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Lately there hasn’t been much to share. In the beginning I would post about the ridiculous things happening in my life. However, that all has become the normal. The inappropriate things I say are commonplace and it’s more shocking to not have them said. However, in the spirit of Margarita Friday it is my duty to press on.

The Animator celebrated a birthday this past weekend, the big 3-0! Business, Shew and I arrived early with the intention of enjoying happy hour and a clear bar. Either the Animator is the most popular gay in the village or everyone was aware of the two-for-one cocktails. Being under six foot it’s nearly impossible to get the bartender’s attention. Not to mention the fact that they all happen to be straight, incredibly hot, but straight. That means my knockers aren’t big enough to press against the bar for attention… bastards. A forty-something took it upon himself to inform the bartender I was waiting for service. This would have been viewed as an act of kindness if we lived in Nebraska. No shit I’m waiting for service, me and the two-hundred other homos jumping up and down waving their dollar bills.

The Animator and a few friends trickled in and our trio joined them. It’s been so long since Mr. Animator has been a regular character in the ongoing play that is our life, you have to wonder if we can all still function together. A handful of his friends are not my cup of tea, mainly because they act as if they are dressed in robes of golden cuntiness. Much to my surprise the first friends to show with the Animator were the few that I like.

Business’s ex-b was one of them. This made things more interesting because he brought along his new boyfriend. You could see the uncomfortable tension, not so much from Business, but his ex didn’t seem to be exactly comfortable. The new boyfriend was perfectly nice, a little harry for my taste and definitely not as pretty as Business. When any of my ex’s begin dating I like them dating someone like this. Mainly because I want to be viewed as the pretty ex. Shallow, yes.

We left the birthday around 9:30, a jukebox at another bar had my name on it. While Business and I fed dollars into the machine, picking song after song, Shew decided to start debating. First we talked politics, then gun control. There was really no reason to discuss any of this, mainly because once you get me drunk I’m even more vocal about what I think. As Shew told us there should be better gun regulation and laws I brought up my most valid of points. My Uncle took a gun and shot my aunt in the head. He had the gun legally. So it doesn’t matter how strict you make the laws, people can obtain guns and shoot you in the head. And if they can’t get them legally they can drive twenty minutes uptown and get it off the back of a truck. This is probably the butchest conversation the three of us have ever had.

Now that we are settling in for another work we, I’ll count the days to Margarita Friday in anticipation of what drunken topic will piss me off next week.