Handouts and Germs

Handouts and Germs

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Handouts and GermsThere are so many types of people in the world it seems crazy to define us as good or bad, nice or cruel, etc. Seeing that it’s impossible to classify everyone, for me at least, it has become normal to make assumptions about the majority of the population. In my mind, and this is probably heavily influenced by the city surrounding me, people are out to get whatever they can by doing the least amount of work possible.

Case and point: Last Sunday, meeting Bullseye for dinner we were approached by a random girl on the street.

Her claim: She needed $20 to get a bus ticket back to Jersey because her wallet and phone had been stolen.

If you have ever been approached then you know this is always the case. Male or female, the person has always just been robbed of at least their wallet and needs to get back to Jersey. Apparently, people from Jersey need to learn to hold onto their shit or stop coming into the city and asking us for favors. Just sayin’.

There was cash in my pocket, which is pretty rare, but I wasn’t about to hand anything over to a stranger. I’m sorry, I don’t trust people. In general, people are always trying to scam you. This girl, who mind you had a giant purse on her and was dressed pretty decent, didn’t look to be all that distraught. Bullseye doesn’t share my cynical city nature, crossing the street to an ATM and giving the random girl a twenty with the comment to “pay it forward.”

Shocked, stunned, whatever word you can tack on here. What’s the point of telling you this? I’ve been casually dating, and note I use dating very lightly as we are not in a relationship of any manner, for almost two months and I’ve wondered if the “nice” was genuine. In fact, Bullseye is an actual, real, live nice person. Made even more shocking because I have a tendency to chase off the nice guys and attract the d-bags.

Now we face the problem of universal calendar issues. First it was busy holiday schedules and general conflicts and I was sick right after we met in December. Then came January and Bullseye was sick, me being a huge germaphobe stayed away for about a week. Then as he gets better I’ve caught some nasty throat virus which is not only contagious but means I’m a super cranky, asshole because I can barely swallow and my neck feels like it’s been beaten with a bat.

Hopefully, a few sick days and bad timing don’t kill things.

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