Hello Again

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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There’s something about my roomie and I that causes a cosmic reaction. Everything that surrounds us is marred with difficulty in one form or another.
Our first apartment together was amazing. Once you forgot about the robberies, the unfinished wiring, no power, no water, and of course the mold, it was amazing. For seven months we toughed it out because we loved the apartment so much. Finally, the mold got the best of us. Itchy red spots would pop up on us within an hour of being home and vanish if we left for a day or two. Itching is not an option.
We started our apartment hunt, with the intention of being out of our place in 30 days. The time limit was cemented when our lawyer sent a letter to our Jews informing them that we would be vacating on April 1st. Much to my surprise we were able to find a great room share in Queens, of all places. We told the guy we would hand him a grand right there. He paused. Telling us that he had to show the place to everyone first, I knew we were screwed. His excuse when we called the next day:
“I can’t rent to more than one person.”
Then why are you renting three bedrooms? That’s a lot of space for one person to fill.
A friend I work with mentioned a place in Brooklyn (YAY!) that was in his friend’s building. I would like to note that the girl (my friend’s friend) showed us the apartment and I love her. She doesn’t know we’re friends yet, but her name is going to be Katy Pants, love it! The apartment was very old New York. Everything about it was from a different time, including all the crap that was sitting inside. Apparently, the current tenant wasn’t out until the last day of March, giving him six days from the day we viewed the place to get out.
MOVING DAY! Roomie’s dad hired a company to move us, thank J! All of the moving went smoothly, until we got to the new apartment. The former renter had left almost everything behind. Massive furniture that was too large for us to get rid of. We played phone tag for a few hours before we got the guy to come take his stuff. In the end he left most of it, which we tossed out on the curb. Interesting note: Our neighbors downstairs are dumpster divers and adopted most of what we put in the trash.
Even though the kitchen and bathroom are disgusting and awaiting repair and installation, we love our new place. We painted the walls first thing and really made it our own. I think that we could potentially be here for a long time. I have no doubt that day two will ensure a fresh coat of drama to accent out already primed and painted first day.