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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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After reading this, you, like the rest of the people I know, will probably think I’m verging on crazy. I originally had an entirely different topic in mind when writing this week’s column on Wednesday; however, due to circumstances you’ll see why I’ve changed my mind.
I had an interview last Thursday, giving myself what I thought was amble time to get there I hopped on the train. Sadly, in New York City the transit can be unpredictable. The train only went to Chinatown, leaving me no alternative but to walk the rest of the way. A 45-minute jog got me to the train I needed by the WTC, leaving me sweaty and irritated. Dollar had printed my resume off, forcing me to go to his friend’s house before the interview I was already late for. I snatched up my resume, promising to come back after the interview, dashing once again for the train. The interview was short to say the least, we rescheduled for the next day. 
As promised, I returned to Dollar’s friend’s house. He was drunk, his friends were drunk and I was sober. A few bitchy comments and I was beginning to feel attacked. The friends disappeared into the house, giving the idea that this was a premeditated bitch attack. First I was interrogated about cheating, which I had not. Then I was dumped with the following line, “I’m too old to not know where this is going after a month.” I was pissed to say the least. I had actually tried my best to form some sort of functioning relationship with Dollar. “I’m too young to know where this is going after only a month,” was the only thing I could say. I picked up my jacket and left the apartment. I made a few angry calls to my friends (venting always helps). I would like to point out that Dollar is only 28 and if he is convinced that he is old I can only imagine what his life is going to be like when he turns 48.
The next morning I awoke feeling slightly pissed and a little nervous for my upcoming interview. My roomie and I left the apartment together at noon. We talked on the train until she had to transfer for work. As I exited the train in New Jersey my phone beeped. I checked the voicemail and my interview had been pushed to Monday because of a corporate visit. Irritated, I decided to hit the gym and burn some steam and calories! I worked out longer than I usually do, figuring there was no real reason to rush home. On my way home I passed my neighbor about a block away from the apartment. I tried to say hi but he looked away and crossed the street. I didn’t invest any worry in the matter. I entered my bedroom to get my laptop. I had finished the first draft of my third novel two days earlier. It took three years to write, but I had finally finished it. I typically don’t leave my laptop home; I’m obsessive when it comes to knowing where it is at all times. No laptop. I ripped our entire apartment apart looking for it. Turns out someone had opened the front door with a screwdriver and exited through the fire escape in my roomie’s bedroom. Considering I was only gone for four hours the cop pointed out whomever stole the laptop was watching us very closely.
I can not begin to describe the hysterical depression I fell into. I think I’ve made a decent recovery, considering it’s been less than a week. We had a $500 lock system installed on our door, to make sure this never happens again. I can’t help but feel my neighbor stole the computer. He disappeared for three days after our encounter on the street. Typically he doesn’t leave the stoop of our building; not having a job gives some people a lot of free time. Come to find out he’s been busted for breaking into the apartment below us and cars out front of the building. I can’t prove it but I know he did it. The cops thought I was crazy, not that they cared, but I lost a huge piece of myself. I know that I can get a new laptop but I don’t think the Apple store offers a re-write your life discount. Grrrr! 
In a sense, I feel directionless. I’m a writer with no way to write. Pen and paper are so not my thing, I’m no tree killer! I escaped the city last night hopping a train to Baltimore. I decided that visiting some old friends may do me a world of good, let’s hope it does.