'Do you think history repeats itself?' Other man: 'Just like I told you yesterday - no!'

It’s a Small Gay World

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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'Do you think history repeats itself?'  Other man: 'Just like I told you yesterday - no!'

Most sayings associated with the past are how we never learn lessons or how something will come back to haunt us. Maybe those aren’t the only options…

A decade or so back I dated a cop, then that cop dated another cop, then I had a date with the cop’s cop. I know, complicated. Fast forward to present day and cop #1 I’ve long since lost touch with and cop #2 is no longer a cop but we’ve stayed in contact to varying degrees. We will refer to cop #2 as Mile High moving forward for the purpose of simplicity if nothing more.

Mile High had time in his work schedule and came to New York for a short visit. It’s one of those times when you’re not exactly sure how things will play out. When someone comes to visit and they’ve seen you naked previously there can be an underlying feeling that sex is inevitable even when everyone agrees it’s just a friendly visit. There was sex, but that’s not the point but we can get this out of the way by declaring it now.

During this visit we avoided tourist activities for the most part and spent time catching up on the last ten years of life. And after three days, learning we had much more in common than I realized or perhaps had been unable to notice in my early twenties. But what does it mean? As most interested parties have questioned who the mystery guy is, what my intentions are and if it’s a relationship, I can say I’m not sure.

We live in different cities, something which could prove to be effective for dating. Most gay relationships move so quickly the first few weeks or months are spent with the couple being inseparable and in the end growing tired of one another before searching for something new. Forced distance means this can’t happen, it allows for a slower pace and may break the gay cycle of date, love, hate, repeat. Or it could have the inverse effect and drive us both mad to the point of giving up, anything is possible in life.

Are we dating? Technically, no. We are however getting to know, or re-know, each other. Could that lead to dating, I believe so. We’ll see what happens moving forward, but I can say that of all the things to creep out of the past I’m glad Mile High is one of them.