Keep Waiting

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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After taking an extended break from dating, nearly three years, something in my head clicked and said, “Do it!” Side note, if I were giving a friend advice, this is where I would shake him or here and say “NO!” You may be thinking, wait you’ve dated, I’ve read about this guy and that. No, those were random encounters, hook ups and people to keep life interesting…and some major mistakes.

I’ll admit that even though I like to think of myself as impervious to the pitfalls of human nature, at times I fall into them like a sack of rotten potatoes. What I’m getting as is Tats, the one from the really good first date. That date ended with plans for a second. It came as something of a surprise when he stood me up without even the obligatory, “I can’t make it,” text message. The timing was good as I was swamped with work and needed to stay at my desk, but at the same time it was like getting kicked in the metaphorical balls by someone who couldn’t be bothered to say, “not interested.”

But it begs the question, what was the point of making a second date if he wasn’t really interested? Was it to try and get my hopes up so that Tats could sit in his lair of an apartment and laugh maniacally to himself while I wait in wonder? Between Tats and Late Night I have to wonder which is worse. Late Night at least perpetuates the drama with strategically placed text messages that are enough to infuriate me without having to really engage. Tats on the other hand is playing a game at which I have no concept of the rules.

All I can say is this: Dating is a cheap truck stop whore. She has an agenda that seems to suit you but as soon as you let her in the door she knifes you in the leg, snatches your wallet and starts banging your best friend. What a bitch.

We’ve all been warned.