Last Friday Night

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Foxxy Business and I set out for a few drinks, hitting the usual haunts. A few hours passed, a nice buzz set in and things wrapped up with fast food and a late train ride home. That seemed to be the end of things as I made my way home. The couch called at to me…as did the forty chilling in the fridge.

Delta had other plans. Around 2:00 a.m. the text messages began to roll in, beckoning me to meet up at Bar East. A resisted as long as possible, but when he upped the ante and offered to pay for drinks it was impossible to say no. It was one of those Grindr free meet-ups that you knew would have the same outcome. Letting my impaired judgement get the best of me I headed out the door and up the street.

We drank for a few hours, some random drunk girl coming over to escape her date. She was entertaining until she decided to start asking questions about gay people. Unfortunately, I’m not a gay wiki waiting for her to peruse my selection. Once rid of the bug-eyed Betty, Delta suggested we leave and I swear tried to end the night and go home. Delta then told me he had beers at home in the fridge – it’s like catnip to me!

At Delta’s place, by the way he earned this name based on his place of employment (don’t judge me for playing with a flight attendant), we had the crappiest airline beers I’ve ever had. Just because they say they’re Italian, does not mean the taste is better. The beer was followed by mediocre kissing and if I was a wise man things would have ended based on this. No, I continued.

If you aren’t cut then leaving your shirt on is a requirement – mostly because I don’t need the memory tainted by flab. Once that was our of the way, pants came off and I’ll be damned if his little soldier wasn’t less than average. At this point I’d checked out and needed to wrap things up and leave. Delta on the other hand was just getting started.

Delta performed the two things that make me cringe. He’s a booty licker and a finger sticker. – nooooo! It was like trying to fight off an Asian impatiently waiting to take your order. Once I put the kibosh on that I had to finish Delta off so I could escape. He was all hands, making it impossible to concentrate. Finally I gave up and faked it with a moan and a hand full of spit. It’s amazing how many guys can be fooled in the dark. What a dumb-ass.

It made for an interesting night as I made my way home around six. Now I’m left avoiding texts and hoping to not run into Delta on the train. There will definitely not be a second performance.