Legally Gay

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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              B. Brown has finally come to town, Newbie is causing a war at home, and boobs are flying all over the place.
Thursday morning, which could be considered Wednesday night since I didn’t sleep, I showed up at JFK to fetch B. Brown. Her flight got in, but Jet Blue flies into so many terminals I was riding the train around in circles and running up and down stairs to try and find her. Having both been up all night we jumped the train back to my apartment to sleep. NOT! We dropped her luggage and headed into the city.
We’ve had tourist days and local nights. Sight seeing and bar hopping. We are on the hunt to find B. Brown the hottest guy in NYC. Sadly, even with Fleet Week going on, it seems the nasty boys are out. We did however find one gorgeous guy. Mercury Bar was our meeting point for some scandalous activities and the hot spot where we discovered The Bartender. Though it took two days, we were able to get his name, see his perfect abs, and get almost $200 in free drinks. Did I mention that B. Brown had to earn Mardis Gras beads? Oh yeah. 
We still have some future stalking to do as far as The Bartender goes, but one way or another he is coming home with B. Brown! Newbie has tagged along for a few of our adventures. He’s super fun when it comes to the tourist stuff, but as soon as we hit the bar he only has one drink and then kinda sits there pouting. I will only ask twice if something is wrong. I figure at that point if you say you’re fine, you must really be fine. I’m not interested in forcing someone to talk. However, I find his boredom at the bar strange considering he is always trying to get me to go out and 90% of the time he is the one that suggests we have a drink.
We all know my roomie hates Newbie. In fact she is overjoyed when he leaves, which annoys me a little. Yeah, Newbie can be a little buggy but he’s a nice guy. B. Brown and Newbie have gotten along for the most part, that is until he bailed on her while I had to work. That lost him some major points. Oh, did I mention that Newbie dropping the L word? 
Has it even been four months? No. It’s been less than two months since we met. How do I know? I tracked our meeting date down in my very own blog. Thank J for a living journal. Newbie claims we’ve been “dating” for four months. WRONG. That freaks my ass out. The Devil was dropping that bomb on me fast too, sadly I was dumb enough to take the douche bait. Lessons have been learned. The problem is that Newbie is a nice guy and he’s trying to get in, but there’s no door in the wall to let him through.
The other issue I have with Newbie is that I don’t trust him. It may not be his fault but I feel like he is up to something. He is always hours late when he’s supposed to come over. When I call to see what he’s doing it’s totally random, or he’s off in a different area than he said he would be. Yes, I’m the dating Nancy Drew. I want to know where your ass is all the time, even if you’re not officially mine.