Let’s Be Sensitive

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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I am a hermit when it comes to the real world. I am happy to workout alone, eat alone, sit home alone. Even now, I’m standing in the kitchen while I cook and write…blissfully alone. The internet, web, whatever it is these days, is one place you can’t really ever be alone once you log on.

Seeing as it is impossible to be online and alone, you have no option but to see what is happening in the world, near and far. Near is becoming something of a problem, or at least a nuisance. It’s hard to say exactly when this shift took place, but somewhere in the last 5-10 years it took root, and now it’s out of control. What am I referring to? Ultra sensitive people. I despise them.

What makes this movement of sensitivity worse, it has infiltrated places that were once impenetrable. New York City was a haven of assholes who said, felt and did as the pleased. Now, it is overrun with the thinking that we have to be sensitive to every feeling and person out there. Do not be confused, I’m not saying to treat people poorly with intent of doing so. I am saying when it comes to things like comics and online commentary, it’s all just fodder which we should not take at all seriously.

I miss the days when you could tell someone where to stick it, and it didn’t turn into an online witch hunt or life altering event. Now, if you say anything which remotely offends anyone, you’re likely to turn into a viral monster and be punished. Opinion is no longer allowed.

All of this is coming about as I consider if it’s even worth the effort to continue blogging. 5 years ago my writing was much more interesting. Why? Because there was no fear of offending every single reader. This movement of forced sensitivity is making it more appealing to disconnect and walk away from these people.