Life’s Some Kind of a Beach…

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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The first thing I’m asked by anyone who knows I’m in Puerto Rico, “How’s everything in paradise?”

Here’s how things are:

Sunny, beautiful, a little lonely and a lot of effort.

Upon leaving New York, I thought of how much money I would save with Starbucks being too far away. As it happens, I will walk a mile for my daily coffee, even on the days when I make a pot at home. There’s just something about my proper cup of $5, iced deliciousness that will drive me to walk. This is a drastic change from the two-block lifestyle I was living.

There’s not much time to go to the beach. Living near the beach is great, but unless I get up extra early or go at sundown, it’s difficult to make it over while getting actual work done. You’d think weekends are another prime time to hit the sandy shoreline, but there are too many tourists from the resorts to make it fun.

It’s just me, so I’m desperate for friend time and brunch fun. I miss unlimited drinks and pancakes. Actually, and remember, I’m no foodie, I miss dollar street pizza, midnight grilled cheese delivery and all other types of delivery. This is probably the one area of life in which money is being saved. If I opened a NYC style brunch spot here it would make a fortune.

I am staying extra fit as the walk each way to and from the gym is 2.5 miles. I have two more weeks of these long daily walks before moving to the next apartment which will eliminate this, thank Jesus. The gym is the Abercrombie of gyms. Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve been at the gym and thought I needed a lot of work to catch. Everyone is pretty perfect, from body to clothing, hair, everything. I’m the misfit, but a bitchy misfit apparently, I’m the only one who wears headphones. Gym time is not talk time. Music on, people stay away.

Today marks the beginning of week three. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get all my complaining out of the way. What makes it all worth the effort and lack of NYC pleasures? The fact that it’s always at least 78 degrees or warmer.