Limit of Patience

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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There are things that annoy everyone. It can be something little and insignificant, like a person waiting do decide on their coffee order until they reach the cashier. Then there are the big little things, like people walking too close behind you. Which is obnoxious, but also makes you wonder if they’re going to snatch your wallet. It’s all part of a normal day, just like driving and sitting in traffic jams.

Some annoyances, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are so tremendously irritating that they can set off my rage meter.

Prime example: A man in my building’s gym. Ok, you’re thinking, “Wow, what a twat. It’s just another person. No big deal.” This gentleman, who is nice enough, we’ve had very limited conversation to date, is oblivious to others or just doesn’t care who is around him. When he arrives at the gym, he brings a bluetooth speaker, plugs it in and streams Pandora from his phone.

This drives me nuts! If I can clearly hear your music over my own, and I have headphones in, your shit is way too loud. This is one of those situations where I silently stew in my treadmill rage, huff and puff, but actually do nothing to alleviate the situation.

Now I’m wondering if the guy is aware of my irritation. Honestly, concealing anger is not something my face is able to achieve. As of late, the man is not only blasting his music, which ranges from techno to pop, but he’s also begun to sing along. The other day he was singing at a very high pitch, one to rival my own high, nasal voice. To add additional annoyance, he also was vigorously clapping to the beat of the song.

I feel the urge to bring a large stick and trip him while he walks and sings on the treadmill. An obviously irrational reaction, but seriously, why? WHY?! The knot in my shoulder is currently throbbing and it’s mainly due to my obsessive fixation on this man who is driving me to distraction, during my usual peace time.

Please tell me I am not the only person being driven up a wall by a rude gym member…