Maybe You’re Not So Single

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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You’re single. Maybe it’s been a month, week or a decade. Like everyone on the planet, at one point or another you think about a lost love, ‘the one’ that got away or some variation. You might wish one would come back, another would go away or be dead curious why something ended.

In reality, the one who comes back will always be the crazy one you wish would disappear or die. The one you never hear from is the one you’ll most likely forever want back. While the majority will fall into the obscure category of: WTF?! There is a random exception, as I learned of late, the one who clearly states why they’re walking. It’s helpful and leaves no room for loose ends or questions. Why can’t they all end this way? #TooEasy

Grumpy CatSince you’re now emotionally charged and ready to throw yourself from the nearest window, consider this: You’re completely fucked up. It’s a compliment, truly.

You know how there are the one, two or three really great friends who understand everything about crazy; Have you ever considered you’re actually in a sexless, long-term relationship with them? Seriously, consider this before rolling those eyes. Who goes out with you on request for dinner, drinks or a movie? When you have a public function, who are you texting first? When you’re being bat-shit crazy, who agrees with you totally? This/these individuals.

By societal standards you’re still pathetically single, need to change, be fixed and settle down. In reality, maybe you’re just content with having an awesome life. Instead of worrying about being single consider the possibility of the above…or disregard as utter bullshit. 🙂