More Pressure, Please!

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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In retrospect, this is the official summer of change. I gripe on often about how everything with people seems to change every two years. Well, things which don’t change, for me, with much regularity have been turned on their side.

It all began early in the year when I started sending out resumes. After a decade of the same company, a career which started as grunt data clean up, ending with a fancy VP title, I was ready for a change. With this company I had security, and likely could have stayed until the day the owner decides to retire or sell. The problem, aside from being so ingrained in the work that I could perform in my sleep, there was no trill left, no challenge. Every single day was the same step and repeat.

Credit to anyone who has gone through the job search and interview process. I sent out hundreds of resumes, literally. For the small number of replies returned, there were many wishing me well with their disinterest. I did find a place to start a new career, far far away on the West Coast. It wouldn’t be me if there weren’t unusual circumstances. It seems my fate to never live in the same city as the company for which I am employed. Happy to shed the VP title for something more down to Earth, I’m getting a rather heavy dose of reality. Do you know what it’s like to go from knowing everything about a business to virtually nothing? It’s a kick in the sack for an overachiever. Feeling stupid is the worst! Even if I’m told to lighten up on the intensity I place upon me.

If a career shift, and learning an entirely new industry weren’t enough, I sort of moved. As previously posted, I’m shacking up with Baltimore in Baltimore. [I know, the nickname needs a rework.] The intent, to rent my place in Puerto Rico. It’s a little weird living between two places, one being home, the other not feeling like it’s really home. Oh! Let’s not forget this is the first time I’m cohabiting. Living with another person is weird. They are there all the time. Like – all of the time. No alone time. Anyone else get edgy if they aren’t alone for several hours a day?

All of these are good things by conventional standards. I’m sure most people would be happy with the job, the relationship, a place to live. I am, but also, it would kind of be nice to be the crazy kid running around NYC for a little longer. Everything is so serious now. It’s work and life, life and work. It’s probably too late to opt out of adulting at this point. Bring on the next life pressure!