Naked Confidence

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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In polite society we all walk around in clothes…obviously. What we do behind closed doors is a whole different story. Though, the story you tell may not be obvious until you’re behind someone else’s doors.

I am a semi-naked at home person. Meaning, if it’s day time, there is never a shirt on. If it’s bed time, or in that neighborhood of the night, clothing is totally optional. This evolved from years of living alone and working from home. I think there’s also a certain confidence you start to gain as you grow out of your twenties and escape that voice in your head which tells you other opinions matter.

So, I thought it was fairly normal to wander around the house naked. Example: You’re on the third floor of a house, you need something that’s in the dryer on the first floor. It would make zero sense to get dressed to go fetch the item and then undress and redress once you have the item.

Well, Baltimore pointed out that it’s not normal to waltz around the house in the buff. As he put it, “The neighbors can see you.” Of course, I replied, “Let them look. Who cares.” Honestly, if the neighbors can actually see in through the tiny blind slits, let them enjoy the view. Now, that may stem from years and years of living in apartments. Someone is always looking at you from somewhere. If you worry about it, you’ll be living in a dark, depressing den of doom, up to your ears in turtleneck sweaters and scarves.

So, we all know position on the topic. What type of person are you?