Now What? That’s What.

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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My roomie and I are celebrating six months together in our apartment. Considering all the problems we ran into in the first half of our lease, I have wondered what’s in store for our future. It only took a day after thinking the question for my answer to arrive.
Tuesdays are the days that my roomie and I do some bonding. We go to breakfast, hit the tanning salon and then wander around the city looking for places to spend our hard earned cash. Together we are bad influences on one another. It’s like pin-pong of the shopping addicts. We feed the addiction of each other to buy more, more, more! Our plan was to play, I’d go to work, then we’d head home and start the sorting. Both our closets are bursting at the seams and I like to go through once or twice a year and get rid of what I no longer wear.
Playing, veto this and keep that, we started with my roomie’s closet. Jeans, shirts, skirts and dresses were tossed into the pile that would eventually be disposed of. Then she paused to ask a question,
“What does mold look like?”
I hopped off the bed to see what she was looking at. On the side wall of the closet the drywall was bubbling from water damage and covered in black circles. It was disgusting and relieving to see the black mess. For the past few months we’ve been trying to figure out what’s been giving the two of us rashes. We’ve changed laundry soap, dryer sheets, shampoo, cleaning chemicals, switched to bottled water, but nothing was changing. Knowing the mold was most likely the cause of our problem I was instantly relieved.
We took a few pictures and emailed them to our Jews, with an explanation of the problem. The Jews are our landlords in case you’ve forgotten. No response. The next day my roomie waited at home trying to get a hold of the Jews. No luck. The following day I waited at home, the Jews had said they would be there. When no one had shown up by three we pulled out the big guns. My roomie has an uncle that is a lawyer. We texted the Jews to tell them that if someone wasn’t to our apartment in an hour we would be moving ahead with legal action. Amazing enough there were workers to our apartment in twenty minutes.
The diagnosis: The removal and replacement of my roomie’s wall. I think it’s funny that this is how our second six months have started. If the problems start bigger, will they get worse? Will we get a karmic break and have good fortune for the rest of our lease? Either way I’m happy to know what’s causing our health issues and even happier knowing that it’s about to be over. YAY for no more itching!