R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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One-night stands are not an option, or so I’ve mentioned before. I can happily say that NYU is officially a two-fer. Don’t get too excited just yet, there’s still a story to read.
Leaving the gym a few nights ago, I thumbed through the messages that had been left on my phone in the previous hour. NYU had called a few times and left some frantic sounding messages. We haven’t known each other for a considerable amount of time, but this seemed out of character. I called him back to see if everything was ok. He said he was fine, but asked if I could meet him, considering it was only two blocks, I agreed.
We met and he looked drunk and upset. Oh, that look, how well I wear that look. Looks I also sport: Drunk and angry, drunk and messy, lastly my favorite, drunk and passed out. Handing me his guitar case, I carried it as we walked into the train station. NYU mumbled a bit, saying,
“Let’s just go home.”
Instantly I assumed he meant to his place near Chinatown. That wasn’t an option for me. I still had work to finish before bed, and I hate traveling that far downtown, I’m a lazy traveler. When NYU made his way for the L train it became clear that he was inviting himself to my home. That was fine, but all I had on the mind was work.
True to myself, as usual, I started working as soon as we got to my apartment. Not for lack of trying, but NYU did his best to get into my pants. There was a good thirty minutes of me pushing him off of me before he finally gave up. I wrapped work up in about an hour and NYU was back at it. I was up for a little diet action, but I was in no mood for going all the way. (How 12 year old did I just sound?)
Light kissing, turned into light touching, then petting, then begging. Yes, begging. Please, please, please was all I was getting, but I just didn’t want to have sex. I’d worked all day and I was beat. In that moment I suddenly realized I had gotten back to myself. For the longest time now, I’ve been more interested in playing than working. I’m not sure what caused the change, but I’m back to my old work self. The problem is that I give into peer pressure if it will get someone to leave me alone.
So, we did it. After about fifteen minutes I was ready to be done. I pushed myself to finish, but NYU was taking forever! Finally, I hopped off and told him he had to be done. I offered a hand, but it was still taking too long. I told him to finish it up as I hopped in the shower. VIOLATION! NYU joined me in the shower. I have very strict bathroom policies. There are only four people I will allow in the bathroom with me. Unless I’m drunk, then all bets are off.
As a person, I like NYU. I think he’s a nice guy, but still too smug for my taste. Also, we would have to work on the space thing. I’m very; ‘you need to not be in my bubble’, where NYU is like; ‘hey, I’m throwing penis darts at you form every angle’. I think this may be the end of his time in my story, but we’ll see. I mean, you never know when one of those penis darts are going to hit you in the eye.