O Holy Hell

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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During the holiday season there are more activities available in a single night than at any other time of the year. And this weekend was no exception: Holiday show, holiday party and holiday bar discounts.

Larrymore, the Russian and I began the evening at the Jackie Beat show. The Russian had gone the year prior and knew the rest of us would appreciate the depraved humor, he was correct. As our hostess belted out dirty songs and cutting remarks the room was a continuous eruption of laughter. If you’re looking to make plans for next year be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the page – well worth the ticket price!

But after a drag queen’s show and two glasses of wine our trio was forced to forge ahead in the pelting snow to reach our next destination: HK House Party. Considering that is was snowing inside and out, I do recall we all had a good time. There was one short-lived appearance by Mr. Kitty. We weren’t able to talk, but he positioned himself outside the bathroom door at one point so we were face-to-face when I exited. Thinking it was funny, and knowing it would be awkward, as he spoke I leaned in until our noses were touching. It’s fun to watch what happens when you make people uncomfortable. Unless it’s me that’s uncomfortable, that I despise. Mr. Kitty and his friends left ten minutes later – though I don’t think it had anything to do with me.

After no time at all we migrated to the bar, soaked and looking like shit. But we were drunk and having a fantastic time. Now, when I’m sober I have the urge to text Late Night, but when I’m drunk I really have the urge and it’s usually uncontrollable. As luck would have it he wasn’t too far and was willing to stop by Industry. Ten drunk seconds after making this plan I started mentally shitting myself as I was putting Late Night, and both our friends in the same place. I enjoy living in this pretend world where I control everything, this was definitely a situation that I wouldn’t be able to manipulate. What if Late Night arrived and my friends hate him? What if Late Night hated my friends? What if a gay-turf-war-knife-fight broke out and there was a slew of casualties? Ok, that almost never happens, but you get the idea.

Late Night and his friends arrived, we did introductions and all was going well. Then I heard Late Night say to the Russian, “You know who I am, right?” This is the part where all the little tid bits I share here can flare up and burn off my eyebrows. Thank little baby Jesus that my friends are incredibly cool and Late Night takes my blog with a giant grain of salt. The panic began to subside, and my friends as well as Late Night’s had vanished, leaving us to make out in the corner. I actually felt bad about this, not because I care if anyone sees [other than friends], but Foxxy Business had been chastised the night before for doing the same thing. Now I was entering the slutty tongue club: shame. But again, once drunk there’s really no controlling my already questionable actions.

Surviving all of this, the night had one more plot twist in store, we all ended up at Late Night’s friends apartment. An amazing place on the forty-something floor of a new building. I recall mentioning it would be perfect to jump from if ever suicidal, it really would be, you’d hit the ground so fast there wouldn’t be time for a second thought. Just a fun fact for anyone on the hunt for a new apartment or location to leap.

And once the night truly wrapped up and we shuffled into cabs going opposite directions, I realized that even though I had no control over the evening once it was set in motion, it still turned out to be pretty spectacular…Christmas songs and all.

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