One. Two. Done.

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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On the 4th of July, I met a guy at the party my friends and I decided to attend. That meeting led to a date. We went to a pub, wandered around and chatted for a while. A very typical first date – nothing out of the ordinary and no sex. The following Friday I met the Russian for a second date. This time we met at a bar. I wasn’t feeling hungry and what’s the point of eating when everyone prefers to get drunk.

Becoming properly intoxicated, the Russian and I made our way to Barrage.  A few more drinks and the conversation was slipping into that flirty kind of something. It was surprising  to say the least when I glanced up, The Animator and Shew standing to the side. Pulling out of shock I went straight to excitement. Generally on a date I would avoid my friends as they are a distraction, but I was drunk and ready to have fun.

Through the encouragement of my friends we headed for the next bar. This was the breaking point for the Russian. He said a quick goodbye and bolted for the train back to Queens. The rest of the night was typical. Drinks, dancing and sexy fun. This was followed up by an instant message the next day and an un-returned text several days later. Clearly, my bridge had been burned.

Now, let’s look at how this was doomed before the first date. On my way to meet the Russian for date number one I ran into Shew. We rode the train together when he informed me that the Russian had bedded one friend, one semi-friend and one never-gonna-be-a-friend. This turned me off. It’s not sexy to show your business to someone who has been with people you know.

So, to close out this dating chapter. What have we learned: Don’t let your friends tell you what they know. Don’t let your friends join a date. And do remember that sending a second text when the first was ignored is just bad form.