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Parlez-vous Francais?

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Paris is quickly becoming my second favorite city. Drenched in culture, people with just the right amount of wrong attitude and crepes on every corner…this is nothing short of amazing.

Four friends and I are celebrating my birthday, or birth week I should say, by discovering Paris together. We decided to rent a flat and get a full-blown, local experience instead of the commercial experience provided by a hotel. The flat is amazing in its own right. Something out of the 1800’s, the walls and ceiling are as intricately decorated as the rooms themselves: Chandeliers, marble fire places, floor length mirrors in every room. Pleased is an understatement for our joint feelings on the place.

Then of course, you have the city itself, Paris. Being a huge history nerd, it’s jolting and incredible to see firsthand the sites which populate our textbooks and remind us so many people, wars, scandals and more. Napoleon’s tomb, the Eiffel Tower, the individual buildings, it’s all incredible from top to bottom. Something we all picked up on was the lack of tall buildings. In New York, everything is always pushing up, to a point where we are comfortable with the massive stone and metal walls around us. Here, the Sun is rushing over rooftops, visible at times other than noon. Trees line every street, sidewalks are massive, and the people are in no rush whatsoever.  Paris is the polar opposite of NYC. My NY love will never fade, but if there’s a place to take a break, this is the one.

We’re only on day three, but time is slipping by too fast. With so many things left to see, it’s inevitable I’ll need to return at some point soon. Before I sign off, the two most unusual or interesting things to happen thus far. 1) Man on the plane faints three hours in and has no idea why. I blame the medication he was taking and the free wine he was guzzling. 2) Our bike tour guide was side swiped by a car. Damn, I wish I knew what those French curse words were.