PC Insanity

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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When I first moved to New York the shift to a politically correct society was well underway. It seemed to be fueled by the crazed amount of obscene reality television taking over the airwaves. NYC felt like something of a protective bubble when it came to this movement of ideology. A place where it was completely acceptable and commonplace to tell someone what you thought, throw in a few colorful words and possibly a hand gesture. No one, at least no one I witnessed, was ever offended. They might have their jaw on the floor, but they weren’t offended. Where the hell did that world and group of people go?

Now, it’s possible becoming a recluse on a small Caribbean island could have lead to me missing some things. About the time I moved to this corner of the world, I also began to change my relationship with social media. A majority of my posts contained only cute photos of cats and pugs. Nothing political, nothing in the news, no sharing chain posts or other garbage. My life also became devoid of television news. With no antenna, and only Netflix to provide me show options, I was left out of the daily shootings smeared across the screen.

While I was enjoying blissful blinders to reality, the world shifted views. Suddenly there are fifty new movements and dozens of new rules. You can’t judge anyone, you can’t comment on anything, you can’t give an honest reaction. If you do any of these things you become a bigot, a racist, are ignorant or just wrong. Add to these things that every little act is being turned into a political debate…even when a number of these things have nothing to do with politics. Oh, and let us not leave out religion. The weapon of the ages, once more being used to polarize the masses into fighting among themselves for the perceived greater good.

For all of this “change” by movement being forced upon us, nothing is changing for the better. From what I observe, more people than ever before are vocal about how much they hate every other person, to which the movement people react and point out how wrong those initial people are, to which the original hateful people react that it’s their right. A circular cycle of insanity doing no good and making no change whatsoever. Perhaps this really is all political, and the clever politicians have crafted this war of sides to gain votes and push agendas. I don’t believe any of them are that intelligent, but think as you must.

I believe there was more purpose, change and importance in a simple ‘fuck off’ from someone on the sidewalks of New York ten years back, than there is with all of this supposed political correctness and “change”.