Penis Perception

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Things have been nonstop lately. Add in allergies so bad that I want to off myself and it’s a sexy recipe for fun.

Last weekend was gay pride in New York and everyone knows that I’m not interested in participating. That didn’t stop myself, The Animator and Shew from going out three nights in a row. Shew wasn’t able to hang in there with us, succumbing to the alcohol demons. Though we went to several bars there’s not much to report back on. The most interesting thing is that Shew and I ended up having sex. Somehow I managed to get trashed Thursday night and started talking about feelings. You know how when you get to that happy point and you love everyone? The sex was good… I measure this by how sore I was the next day.

The downside to sex with an ex is that you have to talk about it after. Shew wanted to talk about what we were and if we were going somewhere. I was straight about not wanting to date because I enjoy being single too much. He seemed to take the news oddly well. Now I have to wonder if he’s going to vanish like so many others. People don’t like hearing what sometimes needs to be said.

On an up note, I did finally get to hangout with London. Yes, he’s been here for weeks and we managed to get together on his last night. He invited me to dinner at a friend’s house, but not a friend I had previously met and hated on. It was definitely in London’s favor that I didn’t get together with him a weekend ago. Feeling like I owed him a little, I made the trip with him to Harlem for dinner. These new friends were actually a fun duo. Nothing like some of the others that I can’t stand and have to will myself not to push over a balcony.

Things began to wind down and London and I mellowed on this super lumpy sofa. I can only compare it to sleeping on a four-hundred pound woman. I got up to use the bathroom and returned to find London passed out. Being nice, I laid down on the floor. A few hours later London woke me up to get back on the sofa with him. This is where things got weird. We cuddled for the rest of the night…and that’s it. We just cuddled like two lesbians. The kicker is that it wasn’t too shabby. It’s kind of like the perfect first date that never has the bad second date.

The only question I have is: Are we turning into regular friends versus sexy friends? In the beginning it was all about hooking up. Now it seems like we hangout and talk when he’s in town. Either way it’s fine, but what caused the shift in penis perception?