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R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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Undie MondayMan makes the under wear – though more and more it is beginning to seem like it’s the other way around.

There are suddenly a dozen different rules for each type of underwear: When to wear them, what style to wear and with whom you wear them.

Remember when underwear were as simple as: Wear black if you are going to, or plan to, get lucky.

Those days are long gone, maybe even more so in the gay community than in others. You now have a selection of classic briefs, boxer briefs, jock straps, thongs, mesh slings and for a few, a very few, actual boxers. [Yes, they still make boxers and some guys are still wearing them.]

So, if you’re like me, and are used to something a little less flashy in your pants, how do you know what to choose?

Mesh: Everything mesh is really a mess. Unless you are one of those stunning models from the almost-porn magazines that probably mortify your postal delivery person, these are a terrible choice. When you drop your drawers in front of someone they’re going to expect you to have a crazy sex dungeon in the closet and be really into unusual nipple play.

Jock Straps: These offer convenience. Particularly for the insatiable bottom who wants to be ready at all times, the jock who just wants to show off his assets or anyone who doesn’t like to sweat to death in the summer heat.

Briefs: These can come off as juvenile – especially if they are covered in cartoon or superhero prints. If you go this route it does tend to say, ‘I’m more innocent than I look,’ and can be incredibly sexy. These are a great fit for the twinks and a few of the leaner daddies. You can even go classic white, but I’d still suggest picking up a pair in black if you’re planning on letting anyone see them.

Boxer Briefs: To be clear, we are talking about the boxer briefs that have the short legs, not those that look like they’re for cycling and almost touch your knees. Save those for the gym, or go ahead and throw them in the trash now. Boxer briefs are easy, generally comfortable and go great with the ‘I want to look like I go to the gym every day’ look. Though, not always sexy, theirs a decent assortment of colors and prints out there that can keep a date, or hook up [assuming you see him/her at least twice], excited about what’s coming.

In making your decision, think about comfort and sexual appeal. Whichever is a priority for you will dictate where you land. Jock straps offer the most sexual appeal as they’re a little more on the scandalous side, where boxer briefs insure comfort for someone who has to sit in an office chair all day and looks forward to happy hour. Do some research, experiment and find your new favorite fit.

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