Pissy Shew

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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It’s a little hard to say, but I think that Shew and I had our first fight. It was a silent fight, but I think it was one.

We went out with the Animator, more or less our normal routine. That’s worth noting. Shew and I have fallen into a routine that typically arrives when most couples have been together for a while. We’ve only been official for about a month, but even before I left for the holidays things had become routine. I come over, we eat, then bed and up in the morning. Day after day, it’s always the same. Then when it comes to going out, we do the same places and hangout with the same people. Not that I ever mind hanging with the Animator, he’s one of my favorite friends.
So, we’re at the bar and everyone is having a good time. After a few more drinks the Animator suggested getting food. Of course I’m instantly on board.  This is where I get confused. Shew said that we should go ahead and he would hang back. I insisted that we could wait for him to finish the tiny little drink he had ordered, but he encouraged us to go ahead. We left him at the bar and went around the corner. On the short walk there I had time to think about what might be going on. I could feel the familiar anger rising in the pit of my stomach. Having dated my fair share of cheating guys, this felt like the same old thing.
The Animator and I were at the diner at least twenty minutes before Shew showed up. I was certain that he stayed behind to talk to someone. Earlier in the evening the Animator had been playing on his iPhone and showed us this guy that was a douche. Coincidentally the guy was Newbie. I didn’t see that coming, but we had a laugh at poor Newbie’s expense. As a joke I texted Newbie, but he never responded. Shew didn’t seem to be pleased by this, taking my phone and texting “let’s play” to Newbie, who again did not respond.
I mention this because it seems that perhaps I’m being punished for having a past. Newbie’s face showed up and suddenly Shew wanted to be alone in a gay bar. What are gay bars for? Hooking up! I didn’t talk to him until we were back at his apartment, mainly I was trying to keep from storming out. He assured that I was being irrational, and perhaps I was, but it doesn’t make sense that he would have no agenda when asking to stay behind. He claims that he just wasn’t hungry and wanted to finish his drink. Is that the truth? Maybe. Can I be sure? No.
So, once again I am left to ask questions and wonder. We’ll see if Shew turns out to be just like the rest, but hopefully he’ll surprise me.