Pulling Strings

R.B. Winters
R.B. Winters
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We are coming up soon on the two-year anniversary of my Gays [NYC friends] date of friendship termination. That friendship ended when the other party decided to stop speaking to me. Why? Because I wasn’t doing what I was told and behaving how they wanted.

Friendships are not supposed to have strings. At least mine aren’t – or can’t. I won’t allow them to. Strings are for relationships, which is fine, as that’s a whole different situation. Now I find myself in the same situation with my Straights [NYC friends who moved to the Midwest]. You may recall I previously posted about my visit to them five plus weeks ago and how they cutoff communication after.

Well, I finally know why after continued aggressive texting. On the final day of my visit [Friday] there was a pool party and lots of drinking. By 5:00 PM we were back in the Straights apartment watching television. Now, I was toasted. As in, my day started with a migraine so terrible I was nauseous and took medication. We then drank through my pain, there was no reason to cancel the party for a migraine that can’t be helped.

Now anyone who knows me, or what they should know about me, is if you get me really, intoxicated I will want to go out and dance. And since the straights didn’t want to leave their apartment, I told them they were boring and went and found a person to hangout with for the evening.

I received the silent treatment for calling them boring and going out. I didn’t realize we were five years old. Who cares?! I’m boring when I’m home, but on my last Friday in some other city – I’m going out.

That’s not what makes me think we will likely never again speak. Oh, no. It was when this was said: “We just want to make sure you value our friendship as much as we value yours.”

Seriously? When I received a drunken text asking me to come visit so the male half of the couple didn’t have to attend a concert and I didn’t bat an eye [at the $900 flight], was that not showing where I put my value? Or, before this trip, when I coordinated a friend trip, which was the Straights idea, confirmed they were in multiple times and then booked the $1,100 flight, was that not commitment to the value of the friendship? NOTE: The female half claims to have sent her decision to not go nine days before our exchange. Which I don’t believe, but even if true is still a huge fuck you and slap in the face as she knew the trip was booked and I’m only going because we were going together.

So, they are now moving to Seattle. I have my sights set on Europe. I think it’s safe the say the likelihood of reconciliation is slim, though probably nonexistent. I expect my friends to have a thick skin, but if I heart their feelings to say something and not play a game for five weeks.

Goodbye my Straights. Another New York chapter of this story is dead.